LANDEX Software

LANDEX - a Record Information and Imaging Management System - has been helping County government employees throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey to be more productive, while improving services to their constituents. LANDEX provides a foundation for managing a government's most valuable asset - information.

The LANDEX software is designed to electronically record, image, index and search records in County government. Modular in function, the system easily allows for future expansion. This allows for configurations that best suit the County’s needs and provides a predictable path for future growth.

The implementation of the LANDEX Record Information and Imaging Management system is customizable per the County's requirements. No two counties are alike, and the software supports those differences. The LANDEX system can also make land record documents available via an Internet interface.

"Since implementing the LANDEX system, we've realized a better flow of the work in the office and are proud to say the system allows us to be up-to-date on a daily basis."
Deborah Bardella, Recorder of Deeds, Washington County, PA


User Training

User training on the LANDEX system is provided at the time of installation. Training normally consists of 10 days of on-site training with a remainder of 3-5 days to be used at a later date, such as end-of-month accounting time.

Module upgrades consisting of new features are installed free of charge. All counties are notified of changes, with a choice to implement the new features.